We are Thankful for you

Bethany Mission Society India remembering you all and praying for you on this Thanksgiving Day and wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving day. We are so much  grateful for you all as you are becoming part of our mission with your prayers and support in this global crisis. I echo with Apostle Paul in Philippians 1:3-6  

From our family to yours, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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Bethany Mission News October 2020

Greetings friends, supporters and prayer partners 

I am excited to share the good news of Gods great work in the midst of troublesome times. It was so evident that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever and we are all privileged to have Him as our Lord and saviour. 

I am writing this news letter with full of joy in my heart  and gratitude  towards all of you  for supporting us to help the people during these troublesome times.  Thanking you all for becoming the partners in the work of the Gospel through word and deed. I pray that you may  all receive a great reward for your kindness,  as Apostle Paul says in Philippians 4:17. I don’t say this because I want a gift from you. Rather, I want you to receive a reward for your kindness. (NLT).  

With   the sacrificial gifts and  generous donations  of the friends,  we  could  help 50 families with food supplies and  gave them an  opportunity to taste the goodness of the Lord in the midst of global crisis. 

 We have reopened our school which was closed almost for 6 months . Initially it was  for  9th and 10th graders   and 120 children were attending the school  everyday  and we are practicing all the  safety precautions and I thanking God for all the children and teachers for being healthy and happy. The news was published in the local news papers to commend our service to the children in this time of crisis.

 State  government is planning to open the schools for all grades on November 2nd 2020. I request to continue to pray and support  for this ministry of giving  education to the poor and abandoned children to help them to have a good future.   I strongly believe and witnessed that the ministry of giving education to the children  is  the key for the true  transformation which lasts forever   and it  helps the children  to escape from the age old problem of illiteracy  which leads to ignorance and poverty.  The need is so great but our God is great and he is able to provide all the needs as we seek His Glory and prepare people for His people. https://bethanymissionsociety.org/ministries/oakland-public-school.

Also we have resumed our ministers training classes at our mission base and all the ministers and trainees came in spite  of hindrances due to rains and floods. It was great time of sharing and teaching and encouraging the ministers to live out their mission in the world. https://www.facebook.com/paulsreenivas/posts/10223964619205086

As Apostle Paul  says in 2 Timothy 2:9  ” but the word of God is not bound”  by any means of suffering or obstacles. So I resumed my ministry of going to the remote villages on the mountains to reach the people and preaching the good news of Jesus and helping the people to accept Jesus and live for God s kingdom and for eternity . 235  people came to believe Jesus through gospel campaigns  and we distributed bibles to all of them and praying for a great revival soon in India with the proclamation of true word of God.https://www.facebook.com/paulsreenivas/posts/10223985294081945

I am grateful to God for one of our minister along with his team crossed the dangerous river  flood to reach the people to help as well as to preach the gospel. https://www.facebook.com/1285737368/videos/10224012314277433/     

I am also  thanking Go International for giving me an opportunity to share with  the international partners around the world on how to make disciples in the context of pre dominant Hindu religious persecution. Go International has been a great blessing to people of India by helping to buy the food and distribute to the poor and needy. 

We are hoping and anticipating  for a great month of Gods faithfulness ahead and we would appreciate your prayers and kind consideration in  supporting financially  to help  the people of India. Here is the link to donate: https://bethanymissionsociety.org/give/


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August News 2020

Greetings friends and supporters 

I am sending  this news letter to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your prayers and financial support for the month of August 2020. 

God has been faithful in protecting us from C virus though almost all our neighbours were  infected and even one of our neighbour died after battling with virus recently. 

I am thanking God for keeping us as a  light house to shed the light and love of God to the people who are infected and helpless due to social stigma and we were given a greatest opportunity to help and serve these people with food and basic medicines and above all prayers for the courage and comfort in the midst of sickness and social excommunication. These families are much grateful and interested to follow Jesus. Appreciate your prayers for these people to receive Jesus soon.  

And I am glad to share that we provided groceries packs to 80 poor and migrated families in month of August. While we are distributing groceries we shared the good news of Jesus.  We are glad that it is a ministry of food to the body and soul to escape both hungry and hell. There were 50  new people were  received Jesus and committed to live for Jesus and attending our churches. 

I am glad that last month also we could conduct  ministers training online.  Most of these ministers are living in remote tribal villages where internet is not accessible. So few of them went to the mountains and others to the fields where they can get internet access. 12 members team travelled almost 60 kilometres through forest  to reach a village where we have a church building and get access to the internet and connected to the TV and attended the training classes . One ministry trainee working as a Ambulance driver, while attending the class , he got an emergency call and with all PPE wearing he drove and listener the class . I am humbled to see their passion and commitment to learn the word of God to serve the people. 

Thanking you all friends for supporting the passion and vision for the kingdom of God in India. We appreciate your prayerful consideration to support financially for the month of September to help the poor and needy and help the ministers as they are ministering to the people . We keep praying for you all and may God keep you under his mighty wings and keep you safe and blessed. 

Now you can give through Venmo

Venmo is our preferred giving method since there are no processing fees are collected. So, if you you reside within the US and already have the Venmo app setup on your phone, gifts can be sent to daveandkay6745@aol.com


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Ministers Training to equip for the work of the Ministry

Greetings friends and supporter

I am writing this praise report to acknowledge  the greatness of God even in the midst of global crisis God has His own ways to accomplish his work through his people and  bring glory and honour to His name. Due to COIVD-19 pandemic  BTCP training got interrupted for 3 months and we had planned for 2 days  of training and Initially we had  planned to bring all the participants  to our main church building  but with the rapid spread of COVID-19, lock down imposed and participants could not attend . So I decided to do the training through zoom cloud meeting. 

Most of the ministers are working in a remote tribal villages and cannot get internet access  where they are living.  But their passion for learning the word of God made them to find a way out and they overcame the hindrances to learn.  So some of them went up  to the top of  mountains and woods where they can get better  internet access and they were  succeeded  in their efforts and able to participate online classes. When it was raining they took shelter under thick trees and  used the umbrellas to continue attending  the classes. And another group of 12 ministers walked almost 60 kilometres through woods to come to one of our church building where they can get internet access, hired  a TV and attended the classes . With sacrificial support from friends and supporters , we were able to support their food , travel and financial support to family for the month. I was humbled to see their hunger for the fellowship and to learn the word of God.

I appreciate your prayers and financial support for  2days ministers training this month too.   For each minister a donation of $ 12 for food, transport and $ 30 for monthly support to a family  would be a great blessing 

Thanking you all in advance for supporting the passion and vision for the kingdom of God   in India .


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Hunger and Homelessness in India due to COVID-19

I am reaching with this post to express my sincere gratitude for the financial support received from the friends, supporters and churches to help the people to have food and other essentials in this challenging times. COVID-19 global pandemic is rapidly spreading in India and disrupting the lives of the people. 1.6 million people infected with Corona virus in India as on today.  36,000 people died with virus.  India is the second largest populated country in the world with 1.4 billion people. The medical facilities for the large number of people were very limited. In India, the doctors to population ratio is 1:1425 which is considerably low when compared to the minimum recommended doctor to population ratio of 1:1000 set by WHO. There are only 37,725 health centres with 740,000 hospital beds. Due to this high shortage of medical facilities, infected people cannot be accommodated in the hospitals and people are dying on the streets and roads.Here is the link for more info: https://www.newindianexpress.com/states/andhra-pradesh/2020/jul/20/andhra-covid-19-patient-dies-on-road-after-abandoned-by-scared-auto-driver-2172041.html 

Dead bodies pile up at mortuaries and nobody wanted to do the funerals due to fear of spread of the virus. https://www.newindianexpress.com/states/andhra-pradesh/2020/jul/13/bodies-pile-up-at-mortuary-as-locals-prevent-victims-last-rites-2169003.htmlInfected people and their family members were stigmatised and being excommunicated from the communities and the apartment owners are demanding to vacate the houses and apartments without any prior notices. Even doctors and nurses facing stigma and asked to vacate their rented apartments.https://www.livemint.com/news/india/doctors-nurses-face-stigma-over-coronavirus-asked-to-vacate-rented-homes-11585074366997.html . This phenomenon resulting in high percentage of homelessness and people are forced to live under the trees, streets and road sides  and looking for the help. Lockdowns has robbed the Daily wage workers of their earnings  are suffering without work and food for their families.  

With the financial support  and generosity from friends, churches and mission organisations  we are helping  people with food and other essential supplies to the families to survive in this global  crisis. We are helping the workers like barbers and other small business owners to have  sanitary supplies like disinfectant lotions, sanitary bars, face masks and gloves to continue their work and earn money for the families. We are training our ministers and our school teachers  online  on how to  help the people during this crisis  and bringing awareness on  prevention of  the spread of the  virus. We were  slowdown in mobility due to the lockdown restrictions in our city  but we came to know that  that God is bringing people to our neighbourhood.  Many people are coming to us these days to get the grocery packs as we distributed for many months since lockdown. Due to the homelessness, many people got shelter at banquet hall across our church building and we are given opportunity to help these dislocated people with food supplies and other essentials.

I am glad that  Bethany Mission  became Bethlehem for the people to have bread.  

I strongly believe that we are all called out for a time such as this. God has put us on this earth and placed us where we are and with the people and we are with for a reason. 

I see this crisis as a greatest opportunity for us to show the love of God and sow the seeds of compassion and mercy and fulfil the plans of God for our lives. Thanking you again for helping us to help the people.  Still people are waiting to get help. Your help is highly appreciated  and and your help is matter to us


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Your Help gives food to a family


Greetings friends and supporters 

Hope this email finds  you well and we keep praying for you all 

India has become the third worst affected country globally, which has reported 6,80,283 COVID -19 cases as on today. Due to controls put in place to mitigate the spread of COVID19, many families India are experiencing an emergency situation with the shortfall of employment and food.  Without government subsidies and large NGOs to stand in the gap, many are simply going without food. Bethany Mission for India is doing what it can to help the families God has put in our path. Last month we helped 120 families with bag full of groceries to help survive for one month. 

Actually we are not planned for groceries distribution for this month but lot of people approaching us for help their families with food and we too see many families are starving without food around our community 

 Therfore with prayerful consideration we started to distributing groceries daily with whatever funds we are  receiving from faithful friends and supporters . I am reaching  you for your kind consideration for making  a financial donation to help us  to help more families  this month. Just $30 can help us feed a family for  one month!.  Here is the link for donation: 
Thanking you in advance 

COVID19 Emergency Response in India-Your Help is needed


Due to controls put in place to mitigate the spread of COVID19, many families India are experiencing an emergency situation with the shortfall of employment and food.  Without government subsidies and large NGOs to stand in the gap, many are simply going without food. Bethany Mission is doing what it can to help the families God has put in our path. Please consider a financial donation to help us reach more. Just $30 can help us feed a family for one month!.           Give Now



Youth Outreach 2018

Bethany Mission Society presenting a Gospel Outreach to  young people on 15th of October 2018. Trying to gather young folks from schools and colleges as the students having a local holiday season . We are expecting 300 young men and women turned up for the event and commit their lives to Jesus.  Appreciate your prayers for the resources and financial support for the event .


Year end report for 2017

2017 – Year end report

2017 has been an incredible blessing to the ministry in India through Bethany Mission Society. With a heart full of gratitude and magnitude I come to you with this news letter. We always thank God for all of you and pray for you constantly as you are supporting the kingdom adventure in India through your prayers and financial support.

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