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What Others Say About Bethany

art_mcphee“I am deeply impressed with the work Dr. Paul Sreenivas Chepa, especially his training program for local church leaders with its emphasis on disciple-making, a holistic gospel, and community service. Paul’s team of dedicated pastors and volunteers┬ádo excellent work. His wife and sons are deeply involved and are part of the team as well. Much work for the kingdom has already been accomplished through Paul and his co-workers’ faithful stewardship of the gospel, I have no doubt whatever that Paul will continue to give powerful, effective leadership to church planting and community ministry in Andhra. Having observed the work of Bethany Mission Society in several settings on several occasions, I heartily endorse the Paul and the ministry.”

Art McPhee, PhD
Sundo Kim Professor of Evangelism and Practical Theology
Asbury Theological Seminary

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