Joy of Christmas with the School Children

what a great day to celebrate Christmas with 600 children and teachers at our school today. Most of the children and teachers are from villages and profess hinduism, they got to hear the good news of Jesus and children praised God with songs and dancing with joy of Christmas. The whole campus was echoed with the word Jesus and Hallelujahs.   I allowed children to  distribute 200 blankets to the poor , needy and elderly and encouraged the children to help the poor and needy whenever they get opportunity. My heart was overjoyed to see Gods amazing work through our school to witness our SAVIOUR of the World.  With our school we are ministering 1400 children from 40 villages and we are praying to plant churches in all these villages and already we have established good relationship with people. Thank you for supporting the work of reaching the people with love of God through word and deed. Today our mission treasurer David Patrick joined on messenger video and celebrated early Christmas with children.  David was with us when we had celebrated Christmas at our school joined on messenger video and celebrated early Christmas with children. 2 years ago David was with us when we had celebrated Christmas at our school 2 years ago. Appreciate your prayer consideration to support our work in India


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Your Help gives food to a family


Greetings friends and supporters 

Hope this email finds  you well and we keep praying for you all 

India has become the third worst affected country globally, which has reported 6,80,283 COVID -19 cases as on today. Due to controls put in place to mitigate the spread of COVID19, many families India are experiencing an emergency situation with the shortfall of employment and food.  Without government subsidies and large NGOs to stand in the gap, many are simply going without food. Bethany Mission for India is doing what it can to help the families God has put in our path. Last month we helped 120 families with bag full of groceries to help survive for one month. 

Actually we are not planned for groceries distribution for this month but lot of people approaching us for help their families with food and we too see many families are starving without food around our community 

 Therfore with prayerful consideration we started to distributing groceries daily with whatever funds we are  receiving from faithful friends and supporters . I am reaching  you for your kind consideration for making  a financial donation to help us  to help more families  this month. Just $30 can help us feed a family for  one month!.  Here is the link for donation: 
Thanking you in advance