Bethany Mission Church

Bethany Mission Church, a multi-campus church, exalts God and welcomes people from all walks of life who are pursuing true discipleship and making a difference in our world by proclaiming the Gospel. Bethany Church gathers on Friday evenings and Sunday mornings, and welcomes you to join via Facebook live.

Hope Vocational Centre

Bethany’s Hope Vocational Centre trains women and young girls for three months in tailoring (sewing) and computer work, helping them earn their own income and escape poverty and the sexual abuse so commonplace among the marginalized.

Bethany Home for Children

Though it’s hard to imagine, during our outreaches into outlying villages in the mountains, we encounter abandoned children. Abandoned due to extreme poverty and the conditions of village life, these children must fend for themselves and often die trying to survive. When God moved on our hearts to help, we began taking in a few kids at a time, as we encountered them, and now have 30 children living in our home. We are working to build adequate facilities to accommodate 100.

Oakland Public School

Oakland English Medium School was established to provide quality education in a Christian environment. All the children in Bethany Home attend the school, the remainder coming from the surrounding 30 villages. The majority of children pay very modest fees to cover teacher salaries. However, those unable to pay receive free education, uniforms and transportation. Without Oakland School, many of these children would not receive an education.

Bethany School of Missions

Bethany School of Missions prepares, through a balance of practical and theoretical education, and sends sanctified Spirit-filled believers into God’s service. Through concentrated study of His Word, they discover God’s will for their lives and solemnly commit to fulfilling that purpose. BSM provides ample opportunities to live out that purpose in community life, activating what they have learned, testing and defining their own sense of calling, and maturing their faith.

Hope Gospel Printing Press

Distribution of gospel literature has proven to be the single most effective method of spreading the Gospel in our context, due to the ban against public preaching and teaching. The main aim of setting up our printing press is to print Christian literature and pastoral resources for distribution in India, Nepal, Myanmar and Australia.

Safe Water for All

Access to safe drinking water has been a grave problem for India, especially in rural areas where lack of usable water has resulted in decades old sanitation and health problems. Government records show that in 1980, just 1% of India’s rural areas had access to safe, usable water. By 2013, that had increased to 30%, but the majority of rural India continues to live without proper access to safe drinking water. A Water Aid report in 2016 ranked India among the worst countries in the world for the number of people without safe water. An estimated 76 million people in India have no access to a safe water supply. We bore wells in rural villages and unreached mountain villages.

Adult Literacy Program

Illiteracy keeps 30% of the Indian population ignorant, unemployed, deceived and susceptible to child labor, child marriages and other social evils. We have initiated 5 centers to educate the illiterate, with teachers at each center able to accommodate up to 50 participants. Bethany provides books, slates, gas lights and other school equipment.

Cattle Distribution

Due to lower income and gender inequality, extreme poverty adversely affects a greater number of women than men, often deprived of a proper diet, medicines and health treatment. Many of these women and young girls have become victims of social evils – female abortion, childhood neglect, child marriages, the dowry system, rape, sex trafficking and domestic violence. They respond favorably to the love and hope that are in Jesus. One way we have helped to restore their dignity as daughters of God is through providing cows, water buffaloes, and goats to provide a livelihood by selling the milk and cheese.

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