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Bethany School of Missions

prayingGenerations after generation’s people live with need, both spiritual and physical. Life is lived amidst threats and fears; worries and cares; sickness and death; enmity and hatred; pride and vanity; poverty and wants; frustration and anxiety. And changing world order under globalization requires a fresh approach of witnessing to our Lord. Making the world to believe become difficult task where success is measured by material prosperity. To address these it involves holistic missionary training to proclamation and acceptance; sharing and receiving; teaching and learning; leading and following. Hence there is need for training for the missionaries.

Bethany School of Missions  aims to prepare and send sanctified and Spirit filled men and women to serve Jesus Christ. It seeks to provide a practical and theoretical balanced education order to equip God’s people for His service. The very purpose of BSM is to help the students to find the will of God for their lives through the concentrated study of the word of God, so that they may serve the master with solemn commitment. BSM provides ample opportunities to fulfill the purpose of God by offering the students a community life, where worship is distinguished , learning is activated, calling is tested and defined , the Scriptures are appropriated, faith is matured, discipleship is nourished and Jesus is declared, as “ the Lord of all”.

Bethany School of Missions conducts  Leadership Training Seminars for  Pastors, evangelists , church planters, teachers, students and lay leaders to equip for the work of ministry.

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