Hope Vocational Centre

Hope Vocational Centre


Bethany’s Hope Vocational Centre helps women and young girls in tailoring (sewing) and computer works and help them to earn their bread and escape from poverty and sexual abuse in unsafe environments. 3 months training in sewing and computer can help them to gain skills and make them stand on their own. $100 donation can help us to buy a sewing machine and $ 300 donation can help us to buy a computer. This ministry has been supported by faithful friends and sacrificial supporters and well wishers of Bethany Mission Society and impacting millions with the love of God.

Hope center making difference in the lives of many by providing employable skills. will you consider to make an impact in the lives by providing computers, sewing machines, thread spools, garments, furniture etc. your support makes many to live a better life. Together we can…change lives for better

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