Peter Paul Medical Missionary

It was an emotional moment for me and Rachel to leave my first born son Peter Paul away from us but we both  Christian  mission workers in India, our children do not get any opportunities or subsidies  for further studies.  He  tried to get admission for his undergraduate course at Asbury university to be prepared as pre med student to become a medical missionary. God has been faithful to him in all the process and helped him to get his student visa and his US travel even in this hard times. Friends already began to support his transition from India to here and brought the dorm essentials , kitchen stuff and stationary needs. He completed his first semester with good grades. I appreciate and grateful for your prayers and your support for his studies here . After his scholarship he is still needs to raise $ 7500  per semester,  which is beyond our imagination and ability to cover the cost . It includes Tution , housing , meals plan, books and insurance. If anyone interested to support him financially would be a great blessing to him and mission in India

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