Ministers Training to equip for the work of the Ministry

Greetings friends and supporter

I am writing this praise report to acknowledge  the greatness of God even in the midst of global crisis God has His own ways to accomplish his work through his people and  bring glory and honour to His name. Due to COIVD-19 pandemic  BTCP training got interrupted for 3 months and we had planned for 2 days  of training and Initially we had  planned to bring all the participants  to our main church building  but with the rapid spread of COVID-19, lock down imposed and participants could not attend . So I decided to do the training through zoom cloud meeting. 

Most of the ministers are working in a remote tribal villages and cannot get internet access  where they are living.  But their passion for learning the word of God made them to find a way out and they overcame the hindrances to learn.  So some of them went up  to the top of  mountains and woods where they can get better  internet access and they were  succeeded  in their efforts and able to participate online classes. When it was raining they took shelter under thick trees and  used the umbrellas to continue attending  the classes. And another group of 12 ministers walked almost 60 kilometres through woods to come to one of our church building where they can get internet access, hired  a TV and attended the classes . With sacrificial support from friends and supporters , we were able to support their food , travel and financial support to family for the month. I was humbled to see their hunger for the fellowship and to learn the word of God.

I appreciate your prayers and financial support for  2days ministers training this month too.   For each minister a donation of $ 12 for food, transport and $ 30 for monthly support to a family  would be a great blessing 

Thanking you all in advance for supporting the passion and vision for the kingdom of God   in India .