2020 Year-end Report

Year end Report to celebrate Gods faithfulness and Marvelous goodness

Dear Friends and supporters

Here at Bethany Mission Society India we are very much thankful that God is using our ministry to spread the love of God to reach the unreached people with the good news of Jesus Christ and bringing the people to the kingdom of God.

At the end of the 2020, I express my sincere gratitude to all the friends and financial supporters for your continued prayers and generous support to Gods work in India.

Even in the midst of global pandemic crisis , God has been faithful and did not withheld his goodness from us in providing our needs. we felt, we saw, we experienced and testify Gods marvellous goodness in our lives constantly. Whenever we were downcast , discouraged and almost doomed, God intervened into it and promised , I am not yet done with you all and my promises are true for evermore.

Just I encourage you all to give thanks unto the Lord. We have so much to be grateful for in this year each and every day. Have a heart of thanksgiving. Just pause and give thanks for all that God has done and continues to do in our lives. I encourage to trust God and choose faith in God alone, He will help you to go through whatever situation you are in or you face in the future. No matter what you see and what you feel , just choose to trust God, because Gods faithfulness never disappoint us and his goodness never fail us.

““The global pandemic provided us vast opportunities to spread the love of God and to feed  and food supplies to many families, homeless and street children, to provide medical care and sanitary needs to those who were abandon by the family members due to virus fear. Many hindu professed people and police officers who troubled us earlier   received help from us and glorified God and attending the churches. I am very much thankful to friends, churches and many organisations  especially Go Internationals Wilmore based to provide monthly support  to feed the hungry and provide medical supplies and sanitary needs.

Even in the midst of financial hardship God helped us to begin the construction for 3 church building and community halls and hoping to finish it up and dedicate for the glory of God in 2021.

With the support from Cattles for Christ Internationals,  3 water wells were installed to provide safe waters to those who considered by the people as  untouchable communities and not allowed to take water from public wells  and also who were excommunicated from the local wells  for  accepting Jesus Christ

With the support from Cattles for Christ Internationals, 10  families were blessed with cattles to help the families to earn their bread

We were able to distribute 5000 blankets to the poor and elderly people in Christmas season

3265 people were baptised and added to the kingdom of God through our church plants, 10, 000 bibles were distributed , 3 church planting training centres with 120 church planters trainees in operational and ready for graduation April 2021.

100 ministry enhancement tools ( PA systems were distributed)

As we look to 2021, we need your support more than ever before.  We hope to continue the work of the Lord with great intensity. We want give gospel- centered  hope in an uncertain world by word and deed. But we need your help greatly. We paused for a moment to thank God for every one who prayed for us, helped us, supported us, loved us, walked with us and stood with us all through the year. Just we want to thank you all for your generous support to spread the love of God in India and beyond. We pray and wish A Happy and blessed New Year 2021. May Gods peace and presence be with you.